Oxsitis -- Capture your inner Zebra !

Posted on October 28 2018

Oxsitis -- Capture your inner Zebra !

When we first saw our new Oxsitis range of backpacks, we were blown away by their funky styling. They are so cool!.... we just knew everybody would love them 

The black and white stripes, a few, cool color highlights, make them fun to wear not only on the trails but also in the gym and around town. But, we weren't satisfied there. These things have to perform well and we wanted to know more. So we set out to test them and see how they stack up.

Well lets be honest, they have a good pedigree... we first spotted them in that place we often call home from home, Chamonix!.... attached to no other than this chap... 

This year's (2018) winner of the now rightly measured, 90k Marathon du Mt Blanc, Sylvian COURT...... that's ok then!  Obviously a French brand, started by a few guys who left Salomon to do their own thing, so they know their stuff. So far so good!

We have brought in the 7L, 12L and 17L versions and spent some time living with them and seeing how they stack up to the competition, and what better competition than to compare to the stalwart, Salomon. 

Firstly, an important differentiator, these folks realize women are built differently to men, especially when it comes to wearing vests. So immediate browny points for developing versions adapted to female morphology. We have those versions too.

Secondly, they are extremely well built and thought out. The fabric is RIPSTOP Nylon, better known for preventing people plummeting to their deaths under parachutes. Extremely strong and extremely light. Zips (a common problem with Salomon) are YKK plastic zips and again very durable. Aren't you sick of those silly bits of elastic that act as clips on Salomon bags?... not here, proper easy to fasten clips that you can handle even when your brain is a but fuddled in the middle of the night. Side panel velcro panels allow for infinite adjustment ensuring a perfect fit. 

All sizes have the obligatory space at the front for 2 x 500ml soft flask (included in the 7L and 12L) and all can accommodate a 1-2.0 L bladder with nice tunneling to get the tube to your mouth in a convenient way.

AND THEY ARE LIGHT !!. Comparing the Oxsitis 12L Pulse to the Salomon Skin 12 Set, it comes in at a cool 58g lighter (including 2 soft flasks and no survival blanket). In fact the 7L Pulse is only 5g heavier than Salomons 5L Ultra 5 Set !.

Pole storage could not be easier with a pouch conveniently placed on the back of the 17L and 12L packs and what Oxsitis call a 4D pole carrying fixing as an alternative on all bags. 

Bibs can be attached with an ingenious magnetic fixings.

Convenient mobile phone storage in a water resistant pouch and tunneling for headphones if needed

.... and all very affordable coming in around 7.5% cheaper than Salomon 

So come on, and capture your inner Zebra, these are very cool backpacks, super light, affordable and very tough....

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7L Pulse Series


12L Pulse Series


17L Hydragon Series



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