Race Tips for HK100

Posted on January 11 2017

Race Tips for HK100

It's already 2017 and that means Hong Kong's premier ultra trail race, the Vibram Hong Kong 100, is just around the corner. We have five top tips to help you get to the finish line in one piece.

1. Pacing, pacing, pacing. The first 52km to CP5 Kei Ling Ha only has 1,500m D+ and is very runnable. Avoid the temptation to run too fast early and save some legs for the 2,900m D+ in the second half. In terms of +400m hills, there are none in the first half and seven in the back.

2. The race is super well organised with well supplied CPs including water, Overstims sports drink, bread, fruit, crackers and even a few guest appearances like cup noodles and rice balls - which means you can carry less nutrition from the start. Use a sandwich bag to run-and-go at the CPs then eat on the climbs later on.

3. Use the halfway drop bag - this is a great place to stow your Gipron poles as well as a lightweight windproof or rainproof jacket and/or beanie and gloves. The weather forecast is for 17C but it could feel like 5C with 20kph winds on top of Tai Mo Shan at night. 

4. Hong Kong weather is always tricky and Saturday will be no different. It'll feel cool but with 90% humidity, keep an eye on your perspiration. Too much sweat will mean dehydration and cramping later, so keep drinking and stay up on your electrolytes. 

5. Footwear is key. There is a lot of pavement and stairs at HK100 so you'll want some shoes with good cushioning but that can handle a few slipperier sections around Ham Tin, Kai Kung Shan and Ma On Shan.

Best of luck to everyone racing this weekend and see you at the finish line for those brand new zipped hoodies!


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