The NB Rebel and Prism v2 Shoe Trail - Aug 2021

Posted on August 26 2021

The NB Rebel and Prism v2 Shoe Trail - Aug 2021


We had the opportunity to take a few of our more experienced runners out for a shoe trial recently in Happy Valley and we had them test the latest New Balance Rebel and the Prism. This is the v2 in both models. 

Watch our video HERE

 Feedback was pretty good. 

The two shoes are quite different but continue the trend of each respective model. 

The PRISM is designed as a light support shoe to help people who require some arch support although it has to be said it functions extremely well as a daily trainer if you like a bit of structure in your shoes even if you dont overpronate. The stiffer medial post has the effect of stabilising the freshfoam heel and if you are a heel striker this will certainly be welcomed. This is one of the lightest stability shoes on the market.

Heel stack height 28 mm
Forefoot stack height 23 mm
Pronation Overpronation
Weight (men) 238 g/8.4 oz


We have written a BLOG for people who are wondering if they need stability shoes and also describing where the PRISM fits in the range. You can read it HERE


The REBEL underwent a pretty major transformation to V2 from V1 with a much more radical upper design. Again a daily training shoe with 6mm of drop. Extremely light and the FreshFoam really does feel springy. Interestingly the very first set of colourways for the v2 were really quite dramatic and that works for and against the shoe. This iteration is more toned down and should work with a broader group of customers. 

It is a very neutral shoe and featherlite, so if you are needing something that lets you run the way you like to run, this is the shoe for you. 

Heel stack height 26 mm
Forefoot stack height 20 mm
Pronation Neutral
Weight (men) 208 g/7.3 oz


If you would like to purchase either the REBEL v2 or the PRISM v2 on line please click on the following links.
Some final parting comments from our testers who were overall very impressed with both shoes. 
"If they had the same kind of grip as the 1080v10 they’d be fantastic"
"Maybe you can increase the holes for shoe laces. Also design is a bit boring so maybe you can use the popular colours combinations among females."

"Good trainer for short/medium runs , for easy and tempo runs"

"Nice shoe - will use for training. Lighter than the HOKA, but still felt like it had good support"



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