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We like to understand what members of our running community think about their favourite shoes so we have reached out to a few of our well known personalities to ask them what makes the shoes they wear special for them.

Always a highly personal choice, but these are real runners, making real choices about what works for them. 

This time we reach out to GR Jill Mailloux O'Mahony who regularly conquers many of the peaks on Lantau about her favourite go-too shoes. For her, TOPO is her favourite Brand. 

GR: Which TOPO shoe model do you like the most?

JILL: "This is a tough one, I have two favourites! I love the Ultraventure, both the original and 2, for long haul runs and appreciate the extra cushion on routes that include catchwater sections with tired legs.  These were my Lantau 70 and HK100 shoes and my feet were very happy. I also love my original MTN racers, but usually use these for under 30km runs. They feel fast, light and more minimal than the Ultraventure and are brilliant in the wet. Now with the newer MNT racer 2, I may have found my perfect shoe: it combines what I love most about the original MTN racer with the favourite parts and feel of the Ultraventure."

GR: Name top 3 features why you like it the most?

JILL: "I love the grip, it is unbeatable.  We all know Vibram is the best out there.  I love the wide toe box, I don’t have wide feet but I love that the toe box allows my toes to splay.  I’ve found lacing the shoes for a heel lock fit to be perfect for my feet. Drainage....for me these shoes shed water, particularly the MTN racer model, very well.  As a rain loving runner and heavy sweater this is important."

GR: How many kilometers you ran with that model?

JILL: "I happily put over 700kms on my first pair of Ultrraventures.  I haven’t yet retired any of the others, they still get used on occasional runs." 

GR: How many pairs you had already?

JILL: "Currently I have 4 pairs in rotation and a 5th under the bed"

If you would like to try Jill's recommendation you can check them out HERE:



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