grTV Vibram HK100 Live coverage - 19th January 2019

Posted on January 23 2019

grTV Vibram HK100 Live coverage - 19th January 2019

We were so pleased to be able to bring the pain, the emotion and elation of the 2019 Vibram HK100.

It was a long day, not only for the folks running the race but also for the fabulous crew we had supporting our livestreaming. Thanks to you all.

As grTV we learnt a huge amount and really appreciated the trust placed in us by Steve and Janet ..... and we had a blast, helping bring the event into your mobile phone or desktop as it happened. 

For the stream to HK100 Website and Gone Running Facebook we had 13k views during the day and over 920 hours of video watched!.

For the stream to China (Zuicool) we had 379k page views, 30k unique visitors and a peak of 17k viewers same time online!

That makes us very happy. We look forward to bringing you the next event very soon !

The grTV Team. 

You can review the various stages of the race at the links below. 


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