Winter Hiking Newsletter 2021

Posted on November 30 2021

Winter Hiking Newsletter 2021


We love this time of year, low humidity, clear skies, cooler temperature. This months newsletter gives you tips and ideas to make the most or this perfect Hiking Weather

One of the best ways to find your way around a new hike is to let the technology help you. Take the file of the hike from our GPX library and upload it to your GPS watch.
Press the button and let it guide you. We have made a short video to explain how this can be done. HERE

P.S. Click HERE for a great deal on the COROS Vertix 1 GPS watch

If you want some suggestions on great Hiking Gear - Go HERE 

Our 2021 Hiking Gear Selection


Check out our extensive GPX library. We have created  GPX files for many routes in Hong Kong.   

Check it out HERE  


If you need buddies to tag along, why not join our running club and tackle a few hikes together. Check out our club HERE.



We are so lucky having such a wonderful playground on our doorstep and we have pulled together 134 Peaks in Hong Kong with links on how to get there and information on the climbs themselves. We have shared this before and it was incredibly popular, so we share it again. 

They are ranked by height from the majestic Tai Mo Shan to the more accessible Victoria Peak. Follow this link to the google sheet and choose your next challenge !!


TimeOut has complied a brief description of 10 of the highest Peak Hikes in Hong Kong which you can find HERE


Last but not least, SAFETY. Check out our BLOG on tips to keep you safe on the trails.


SHOE CHOICE: Choosing a pair of shoes that will help you enjoy your hike is really important. We make some suggestions here. Think about how long you spend on your feet typically. The longer you hike, the more cushioning you may need. All the shoes we sell have grip that works on HK trails but some are better than other. We can help you make a final choice. Just drop us a line ( or come into the shop. We will be happy to help.   

If you want some suggestions on great Hiking Shoes - Go HERE 

Our 2021 Hiking Shoe Selection


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