Women's Trail Running Gear - Colour Survey

Posted on March 24 2017

Women's Trail Running Gear - Colour Survey

The results are in - and thanks to everyone who participated (even if 3% of respondents were male!)

In a strong rebuff to the running brands who take men's clothing and simply "shrink and pink it", pink only garnered 9.5% of the votes, level with purple in equal third. The clear winner was black with 20.6%, with blue not far behind with 15.9%. Red and green also performed well with 7.9% each.

Women quite rightly complained about a single question about colours and many pointed out that function and especially fit can be more important. The message to brands is to make a proper tailored women's cut that are more flattering to women's figures but will also suit many shapes and sizes like smaller Asian figures and larger breasted women.

White and anything that could go translucent was definitely out, while black running shorts with longer options were in demand. Also, make the branding subtle as runners don't like being running advertisements.

But the big message is more non-pink options, please!


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