10 Key notes about ALTRA Paradigm 6 ... by Elliot Froidevaux

Posted on October 26 2021

10 Key notes about ALTRA Paradigm 6 ... by Elliot Froidevaux

This is the summary of the Altra Paradigm 6 shoes review written by Elliot Froidevaux  - ALTRA RED Team member. For full review, please visit here here .

The Altra Paradigm 6 has been on my radar for quite some time. Having put in 700km of running and countless daily walks in my Paradigm 4.5, they were starting to look a bit weathered, and I needed to find my next “coup de coeur” (favorite, but the French say it better) daily trainer and do it all shoe.

I had initially hoped to have them for my miler this summer, but the launch date was pushed back, so I had to bite my nails and wait!

Doing a little pre-launch digging on YouTube, it was clear that the Paradigm 6 was not going to be just a small and simple update from the previous versions. I was going to be completely redesigned.

When I received them, I was quick to put them on my feet to share my views!

So, with 200km in my Paradigm 6, it’s time to compare the old with the new. Is the Paradigm 6 my new “coup de coeur” or has it veered off course? Is it an improvement on the previous stability models, or does it fall short of my expectations? Here we go 10 key notes you might be interested to know about this shoes.

On Hong Kong Trail, 45km 1200mD+. Credit to Will Hayward for the brilliant picture. Right - JCY Ho, my Red Team teammate, Middle - Chamelia Sura, who just finished 9 Buffaloes (170km, 8031m+)

10 Key notes about the Paradigm 6:

  1. Same 30mm stack height - zero drop as the previous models, meaning heel and toe are the same height off the ground to promote a more natural running gait. 
  2. This is Altra’s max cushioned road shoe.
  3. The version 6 has shed some weight.
  4. The stability pods are a thing of the past. It seems customers complained the pods would stick out after a while and hinder their ride. I never had this problem though.
  5. The upper is much more breathable and airy, but far less structured.
  6. The Midsole material has been upgraded from Altra’s proprietary EGO to their high-end EGO MAX compound for a more plush and energy return ride.
  7. The outsole is using the same as the Torin 5 with the metatarsal pattern combined with INNERFLEX for added flexibility.
  8. The toe-box is slightly narrower than the previous models, whilst the heel seems a bit beefier. Nothing bad, but it tends to, I think, lend itself to more heel striking as the ride feels more plush and the cushioned.
  9. The #6 incorporates the Innovarch, taken from the Provision 4 and 5 to help support the arch only when needed.
  10. The guide rail remains, but it is embedded in the midsole.

    Taking a little photo on Cloudy Hill on a hot autumn day. 25km, 1300mD+, light to moderate trail / concrete paths.

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