ALTRA TORIN 5 - First Impressions

Posted on May 21 2021

ALTRA TORIN 5 - First Impressions


【Hong Kong Time 17 May, 2021ALTRA Hong Kong has just released the latest version 5 of the very popular TORIN. We have been putting in the kms - here is our impression so far!. 

The TORIN has been a firm neutral road shoe favourite of ours for a number of seasons now.

For the last two iterations, we have clocked over 1000kms in both the TORIN PLUSH 4 and the TORIN PLUSH 4.5.

You can read our blog on this previous experience HERE:

So we were super excited to get the chance to give the latest version 5 a test.

First, some clarifications. In the past ALTRA had the TORIN PLUSH and the TORIN MESH. The PLUSH was so called because it had an additional 2mm of stack because of a "boost like" material Stroebel board on top of the Quantic midsole which the TORIN MESH did not have. Also unsurprisingly the "MESH" has a Mesh upper where as the Plush has a knitted upper. All of that complication has now been removed and we simply have the TORIN. Thankfully its also retains the "Plush" Stroebel board and the same stack height of 28mm as the previous "Plush" version. 

Furthermore, ALTRA has dropped the 0.5 updates and now simply goes for whole numbers instead so we now we come to the TORIN 5.

The big news here is the Quantic midsole has been replaced with what ALTRA call EGO MAX. EGO has been around for a while on the Escalante and recently on the Rivera and is now the main midsole platform of ALTRA. They will ultimately have three levels of midsole technology. The EGO, EGO Max and EGO PRO. (More of the latter in future blogs) 

EGO MAX is positioned as the midsole aimed at providing a more bouncy, lighter ride with added durability compared to the EGO. 

Consequently the TORIN 5 is lighter than the previous version and is claimed to provide a more responsive and durable ride to runners. Considering we had over 1000kms in each of the previous versions adding durability makes me wonder if these things will ever die. Some heavier runners have commented though that the previous Quantic midsole did flatten out through life so hopefully this new EGO MAX will hold its springiness longer.  

There is also a completely new upper with what feels like a much thinner knitted upper and really nicely designed details around the heel. This thinner upper is welcomed to reduce the amount of rain/sweat the shoe absorbs but also some runners previously complained the previous models would sometimes press on the top of the toe on the crease. This new upper looks way more flexible. 

There is also a completely new tongue design and it is so thin, careful positioning is important to keep it flat. 

The new colourways for both men and women are also really nice. 

Slipping on the shoe feels just the same as the previous versions. really nice fit around the midfoot and heel, and of course lots of room in the toebox. 

ALTRA by the way, is also evolving the "FOOTSHAPE" toe-box concept. FOOTSHAPE is a key differentiator for ALTRA and along with zero drop, is a great way to develop a natural running style. The evolution recognises that there are a number of FOOTSHAPES around and they will now have 3 distinct footshapes. The previous TORINs looked a little like table-tennis bats and that wide footshape is now referred to as "Classic". The new TORIN has the middle width so it looks a little bit more sleek than previous versions. 

The new tongue is as mentioned, very thin and quite long. Some care is needed to ensure its flat and well positioned because if you are wearing "no show" socks it can contact your skin which can cause irritation. This is easily solved however. 

The shoe has a sturdy heel counter and combined with the really nice, new design features really makes the shoe look far more attractive than previous versions, which is important to a lot of people. 

I have now done about 50km in the shoes and the TORIN 5 does not disappoint. That TORIN feeling is back, shoes you hardly notice, running shape, smooth, toes nicely spread. Great for the long miles. 

I really like the structured foot-bed which I can feel supporting my relatively high arch, and as a mid foot striker I feel these are shoes that allow me to dictate how I run unlike some shoes that force you into a certain gait. I am looking forward to clocking up the 1000km+ in these shoes too. 

As far as colour range is concerned I have been running in the orange colourway which has grown on me. It wakes me up and looks kind of funky. The laces are a little on the thin side but do what laces are supposed to do. 

All in all, a very worthy addition to the TORIN family!

Check it out HERE:



▶️Brand-New Altra  EGO MAX midsole foam that's luxurious and light

▶️Engineered mesh upper for added comfort and breathability

▶️#Footshape #MediumFit  allows the toes to relax and spread out naturally 

▶️#BalancedCushioning #Zerodop design aids in optimal alignment, cultivates better form, and encourages a low-impact landing.

▶️#FIT4HER  technology caters to the specific form of the female foot, which has a narrower heel and midfoot, a higher instep, a longer arch and unique metatarsal spacing.

Stack Height:28mm

Weight :257.5g(Men's) / 209.3g(Women's)




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